Conditions Treated

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common mental disorders affecting children. ADHD also affects many adults. Symptoms of ADHD include inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

An estimated 8.4 percent of children and 2.5 percent of adults have ADHD.1,2 ADHD is often first identified in school-aged children when it leads to disruption in the classroom or problems with schoolwork. It can also affect adults. It is more common among boys than girls.

The power of our treatment protocol is that it is entirely drug free. We use entirely drug-free biochemical/nutrient therapies to correct the body’s deficiencies of critical bioactive chemicals to dramatically improve and enhance the brain’s normal function and eradicate the symptoms associated with ADHD.

With Walsh research institute advanced biochemical protocol, initial lab and urine laboratory results will be gathered to individualize the protocol to your particular needs. During the initial consultation, with your input, we will create a treatment plan that best addresses your symptoms and your goals. 

We encourage you to research the Walsh Research Institute on the net and Youtube for further information.

Initial 1 hour consult free, a $300 value