Conditions Treated

Major Depressive Disorder is a debilitating disorder characterized by low self-esteem, low energy, and low interest in doing anything enjoyable. Nearly 15 million people suffer from depression and unfortunately, one-third of those do not respond to any typical antidepressant therapy.

At Serenity Ketamine Center, we understand the devastating effects that depression can have on you, your work and your personal relationships. Depression leaves you feeling hopeless and helpless. Our goal is to help you to gain the hope and strength you need to emerge from the grasp of depression and achieve the happiness you deserve.

Ketamine and its metabolites have been shown to have unique and diverse effects, binding to multiple receptors in the central nervous system, inhibiting some and activating others. Approximately 80% of people with depression have a significant improvement in their mood after the first infusion. Ongoing relief and control are often sustained for many weeks.  

During our initial consultation, we will discuss an individualized medical therapy for your depression if you are not already on an antidepressant. We will also consider science-based nutraceutical therapy to help improve your symptoms. Finally, we will discuss ketamine infusion therapy until your symptoms have come under control.

Following the completion of the initial induction series, we will follow your progress and formulate a customized maintenance therapy to optimize control of your symptoms.

If depression is controlling your life, you now have new hope for remission. Take the next step towards the new and much happier life you deserve. We will work in concert with your primary physician or psychiatrist to ensure that you have the best chance of success with Ketamine therapy.

Initial 1 hour consult free, a $300 value