Alcohol Dependence

Conditions Treated

As most individuals who have tried to detox from alcohol on their own know, the withdrawal symptoms are nearly unbearable, leading most to reluctantly go back to drinking once again just to quell their symptoms. What’s more, rapid withdrawal from alcohol under some circumstances can lead to withdrawal seizures requiring hospitalization.

At Serenity Ketamine, we understand that your current condition is not a choice but a disease. Alcohol use disorder is a condition of the mind and body.  We at Serenity Ketamine can make the hard and long journey to recovery easier to travel. From the initial consultation to your eventual recovery, we make the process simple and easy.

Serenity Ketamine is different from detox centers in that we maintain a minimum of a six-month relationship with our patients after their recovery to ensure that they have fully recovered and are comfortable on their own. This period of time allows the brain and body to recover and heal, minimizing the likelihood to return to alcohol. It is only with ongoing medical treatment, prolonged monitoring and mentorship that our patients achieve their goal of long-term recovery.   

After a period of recovery, to those whose bodies have been ravaged by alcohol, we offer hormone optimization therapy. This particular treatment will allow the body to recover quickly and to a greater extent, allowing you to regain your vitality once again.

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