Bioidentical Hormone Optimization Therapy

Conditions Treated

Aging is an inevitable part of life, but aging gracefully and retaining our vitality is a choice.

As we all age, our bodies no longer produce the same level of the hormones that it once did when we were in our twenties or even thirties. With diminishing hormones levels, we all experience fading mental acuity and forgetfulness, increasing fatigue, reduce exercise capacity, diminished muscle mass and increased weight gain and diminished vitality, sexual drive.

What’s more, alcohol and substance abuse directly affect the sex hormones and significantly alter their production leading to premature changes to the body and mind.

At Serenity Ketamine, we screen our patients for below normal levels of testosterone, estrogen as well as thyroid hormones. To those individuals whose bodies have been ravaged by substance abuse or have simply aged, we offer hormone optimization therapy. We have found that hormone optimization therapy may also improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

This hormone optimization therapy is all-natural and bio-identical to the hormones your body produces. It will help you reclaim your vitality and give your body the boost and building blocks it needs to recover quickly and more completely than on its own. You will see improvement in energy, vitality, mental clarity, improvement in sex drive, weight loss, increase in muscle and bone mass.

Although hormone optimization therapy is voluntary, it is an integral part of your recovery and we strongly recommend our patients to consider its replenishing advantages.

Initial 1 hour consult free, a $300 value