Nutraceutical Therapy for Depression & Anxiety

Conditions Treated

More than 40 million people suffer from Depression, Anxiety and ADHD. Unfortunately, one-third of those do not respond to any traditional therapy. Depression, Anxiety and ADHD can often be treated with science-based nutraceutical therapy that is often
similar to the efficacy of traditional medication therapy.

Dr. Gharakhani has been trained by Dr. Walsh of the Walsh Research Institute in Chicago. Through his research, several frequently recurring biochemical imbalances that can have profound effects on brain chemistry leading to depression, anxiety and ADHD have been identified. Using the science of nutraceutical therapy, Dr. Gharakhani will propose a treatment plan to match your particular diagnosis.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your symptoms, perform a medical history and discuss a comprehensive laboratory testing that includes blood and urine evaluation to identify any possible imbalances that  may exist and subsequently create an individualized treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Nutraceutical therapy can help to improve your underlying symptoms and may ultimately lead to the remission of your symptoms and eventual reduction and elimination of medications that you may be taking currently.

Nutraceutical therapy can be a stand-alone program or ideally, as a part of a more comprehensive program that utilizes Ketamine as well as traditional medical therapy to help bring our patients’ symptoms to remission.

Initial 1 hour consult free, a $300 value